I ran into a baby raccoon today.
I was walking home in the rain and day dreaming when I suddenly realized in front of me was the behind of some wet furry animal. A cat? Nope. When it turned its masked face towards me I realized it was a raccoon. All those stories I’ve heard about raccoons mauling people came into my mind. I thought today was going to be the end of me. So I stopped in my tracks and waited…hoping it would go away. It was rather slow but realized it needed to make its escape a quick one and squirmed beneath the metal fence into the woods. Farewell raccoon baby! Farewell…

Stealing this for Music Mondays XP 

Lyn - Love It’s All Lies

Museinseoul’s Emerline has such good taste in music ^_^

I can just imagine sitting in a high scale apartment room right now, white couches, fluffy white rug. It’s night time and through that floor to ceiling window, you can see Seoul’s nightscape. The bright lights from afar light up the dimmed down room a bit. With a glass of wine in your hands, it’s just you, the music and the city….

Full Moon - Sunmi Ft. Lena

I am the biggest idiot in the world for not listening/watching this sooner… After 24 hours, I was super depressed that Sunmi was going to have a sexier and darker concept than before :( I liked the bright and happy Sunmi

But wow…this song made me get use to the darker Sunmi. Perfectly composed song and perfect music video. I also love how she no longer wears shoes anymore. Just seems like she’s found herself now 

I’m happy for her :)

Next time…I’m listening to everything and giving everything a chance first and then deciding whether I like it or not.

Happy Monday!

4 Ways to Wear Corduroy Skirt

New video up, kinda short but hope you guys like it!


Wei Bird - Still 

The other day I was re-watching some of my old vids from my old channel. I used this song for one of them and it totally made the video 10x better. But now that I know about monetization and copy righted songs I can’t use this anymore :( makes me sad but still wanted to share this great song with the world. I’m not sure if he came out with any other albums? But he totally should be way more popular than he is now!

I’m going to remake my old video that used this song. You’ll probably see it in a couple of days? 

Happy Monday!!! 


WIP of two young girls in kimonos.

Love this one ^_^ can’t wait till it’s finished. Red’s my favorite color so I wish I had that kimono!!

omg…this song has made me crazy…all I hear in my head right now is MOMOMOMOMOMOMO~

and I’m sorry if you clicked the play button…

But we have to give them props for getting a million views in less than a week right? Even though most people left hate comments and voted the video down…but I think it still has some value.

Some countries in Asia, I know Taiwan does, have famous people who can’t do crap…they can’t sing, they can’t think, they can’t talk, they can’t dance so why da heck are they famous? All they do is wear false lashes, circle lenses and star in dramas that most of the time are not very good. 

So this video is interesting in that it’s kind of from their point of view. They don’t care if you hate on them because heck, maybe that’s what made them famous. But of course most of the people in the video are not as famous as some of the other useless Asian “idols”

Not hating on the “useless” idols, for some of them try really hard but it’s not their fault they’re just not talented. (Reality Sucks…I know)

We can learn from them to appreciate what we do have (even if it is undeserved) and eventually accept the flaws we can’t change.

This MV is like sticking the middle finger up to haters every where hahaha and that’s why I find it so funny, especially since the comment box is full of them.  

I think it was well produced and the song is quite catchy. It might make more sense if you can actually understand Chinese. 

So why must we hate on them? You must say “well…they’re stupid”…Well…are those people who make comedy videos on YouTube not “stupid” as well? is Sponge Bob not stupid?!  but people still love them…

Just some thoughts for the day <.< Now what was I suppose to be doing?

Haha I drew this today. Funny how I started out not knowing what to draw but then I just stopped thinking and started drawing. Surprising how art just comes to you sometimes…can you guess what this is about?

Ladies and Gentlemen…What we have all been waiting for…MICHELLE LEE!

I am writing this after having cried watching the Music Video which I’m sure many other people did too… But in my case I had a mouthful of kimbap… Yeah let that image sit in your head. I think I just ruined the MV for you guys…sorry

But I love her first single because it is not a typical Kpop song but something that is so full of meaning and so full of Michelle Lee. Even though the song is suppose to be about a couple that broke up, the MV tells us it has a different meaning. 

Life must have been hard for Michelle, yet she never once let us feel sorry for her. Instead she stood strong and is able to be where she is today through her hard work and passion. 

Supporting her till the end! Buy the song on itunes!


What’s your dream?

Such great music…there’s so much more to Korean music than just Kpop and “Gee gee gee gee gee” (no offense GG) 

Makes one wonder…what is my dream?